mission & vision

Horlicks distribution

Milk distribution at Falta

Christmas lunch at Basha

Vijay Dassami 1918 Sai baba took mahasamadhi, this being the centenary year the Saibaba sevashram will feed 100-600 children everyday for the entire year. Baba said the ultimate seva is feeding the hungry, no education or any other service can be greater than feeding the hungry.

Our activities

Foundation History

Meal for 400 children at Falta

Prasad at Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research. 

60 children from Basha are supported by us. They get a full meal on all school days.



The sevashram is now feeding over

600 children in 4 locations

2014: Founded

2015: The first free meal was distributed

​2017: 'NO CHILD SLEEPS HUNGRY' project started with the Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research initiative adopting NGO schools and villages where malnutrition and poverty prevail. 20 crore Indians sleep hungry every night.

2022 : With the initiative, Sai Baba Sevashram has now provided over 10 Lacs meals to children