Located on the banks of Hoogly river south of Kolkata•42 km from Tollygunge
Between Diamond Harbor and Raichak

Chak Deulpotar, West Bengal 743155


Phone:        +91 9831241945

FAX:            +91.3364507007

E-mail: saibabasevashram@gmail.com

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Biscuits Rs. 2,500

Milk for 300 children Rs. 3500

Khichdi, Aaloo Dum & Sweet for 300 children Rs. 6,500

One can sponsor a part meal also

(All donations are exempted from Income Tax under 80G)

Privacy,terms and conditions


We utilize the information you provide us for the following purposes:

To ensure that we have an accurate record of all donations received.

To send you emails with news and information about Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research and our initiatives, but only if you consent.

To ensure that you are receiving the most relevant and appropriate information for you.

To learn more about you and others who are visiting our website, giving, or participating in our campaign.

 Information Gathering and Application- We acquire information from you in a variety of ways, such as when you, (1) Make a donation, (2) Sign up to our campaign, or (3) Sign up to stay updated. We will not collect or record your personal information unless you voluntarily provide it to us.

Privacy of our e-mail list- Individuals who subscribe to our mailing lists through our website or through our advocacy activities are added to our email database. The addresses on our lists are not sold, rented, loaned, traded, or leased to anybody.


Cancellation/refund policy

As digital payments become increasingly common, Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research has implemented a contribution refund policy to guarantee fair and transparent handling of donation refund claims. Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research anticipates that all donors would proceed with caution and diligence while making gifts. Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research also understands that a gift may be made in error or that contributors may change their minds. Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research will review the request for a contribution return and make every effort to make the reimbursement. Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research may also request an explanation and rationale from the user. Furthermore, it will necessitate further verification of the user, as well as evidence of identity and donation documentation.

Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research  is not obligated to offer refunds and may, at its discretion, deny any claims for contribution returns, particularly if a tax exemption certificate has been given.

Your refund request must include the following information: Day of Donation, Amount of Donation, Mode of Donation (Credit Card or Online Payment), and it must arrive to the Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research office within 7 (seven) days of the date you made the donation, i.e.:

The date you made the donation online, electronically, or otherwise, or the date you handed over the cheque/demand draught to Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research  or someone authorised by Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research for this purpose, or the date you despatched the cheque/demand draught to Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research  by other means. The refund procedure may take 7 to 30 working days, depending on the availability of information from third parties such as Payment Gateways, Banks, and so on.