Saibaba sevashram has adopted an old age home with 70 senior citizens who are provided with all the meals.



(An initiative by​​ Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research)


#No Child



Meals for Children

Education for Children 

Winter essentials like blankets, sweaters and woolen caps

Books and Stationeries to Children

Conducting Health Clinics

Animal Welfare


Shyamali Bhalotia Memorial Trust in association with Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research, and The Champ for Life Academy has been supporting both underprivileged children and champion athletes to follow their dreams for more than 12 years now. Right from Sports coaching, sports science support to helping underprivileged children finish their education.

​​​​The delight that a morsel of food brings to the soul, after a short spell of famishment is unparalleled.  Food is after all the essence of life.
An empty stomach accomplishes nothing of consequence. Nourishment shall always precede everything else in existence, even education.  Yet 20 million children have forgotten how to sleep without the pangs of hunger withering them away into nothingness. A thought is all it takes to make the world a better place for these innocent deprived children who have come to believe that a square meal a day is a luxury.

Sai Baba Sevashram is a Non-Governmental Welfare Organization, established in 2014, that has resolved to battle against starvation of children until the day when No Child Sleeps Hungry. We are a charitable trust that adopts underprivileged communities and distributes food to the children depending upon the funds incurred. The food ranges from biscuit packets, milk and fruits to full scale meals of khichadi and sabzi. Sai baba sevashram is also associated with a few schools and cater mid-day meals to the children 5 days a week. Presently, the organization has undertaken the responsibility to nourish more than 600 children. The trust also distributes blankets, books and stationaries. The trust also distributes Umbrellas for summer & monsoon seasons and blankets, sweaters, woolen caps for the winters. We also distribute books and Stationeries to the children.

But an initiative like this requires collective support and contribution. A contribution as trivial as Rs. 20 can buy a complete meal for a day.

So if you have enough then some to spare, It is time for you to do your share. Let us not rest until no child sleeps hungry. This initiative has been started 10 years ago.